Mission Viejo

Mission Viejo Means Business

Mission Viejo, a wealthy community packed with industrious entrepreneurs and known across Los Angeles for its emphasis on economic development, recognizes the need for security in its daily dealings.

Security Base Group is proud to provide the kinds of services that Mission Viejo residents and business owners need! From armed security professionals for priceless art galleries and jewelry vendors to construction site protection professionals for the frequent and numerous land developments going up all across the city.

Security Base Group Knows the Mission Viejo Community

Security Base Group is dedicated to providing the best service possible to local companies and families in the Mission Viejo area. To further end this, our team has developed hiring practices that draw from the communities being served.

This gives our guards a tangible connection to the area they are serving and the sorts of detailed local knowledge that allows them to respond to security situations quickly and effectively.

Security Base Group Has Solutions for Every Security Need

As a premier security firm serving the entire Los Angeles area, Security Base Group offers solutions to every potential situation. Because of our streamlined ordering process we can provide guards 24/7, and in as little as two hours. With a wide variety of levels of expertise, from unarmed to armed, to VIP bodyguard services, Security Base Group is already providing Southern California residents and businesses tailored security options.

Our experts project that the most frequent security need in Mission Viejo will be event security, closely followed by construction site protection. We have event security specialists on staff who are able to tailor our offerings to your needs, and have already clocked thousands of hours protecting building construction sites. Whether you’re having a raging music festival with thousands of attendants and lots of booze, or a quieter networking event, our team will find the best security options for your needs and budget.

If you’re in Mission Viejo and looking for security professionals, talk with one of our dispatchers right now. Call us at 213-444-1555 and see what we can do for you!