Fountain Valley

Fountain Valley Has Security Needs

Located in Orange County, Fountain Valley is a commuter town with most residents working outside this city. The average household income is much higher than the national average, and substantially higher than its surrounding areas.

Because of the high concentration of wealth in the area, Fountain Valley homes are prime targets for burglars. Prop 47, the recent legislation mandating the release of criminals who were jailed for non-violent drug offenses, has poured hundreds of criminals onto the streets, with little effort made towards rehabilitation.

Currently, Fountain Valley homes find themselves in the cross hairs of ambitious criminals and desperate addicts, willing to do anything it takes to get by. As residents fear for their safety, Security Base Group is already preparing security solutions for Fountain Valley residents!

Security Base Group’s Security Solutions Are Tailored for Fountain Valley

Because Security Base Group hires locally, their security professionals are keyed-in to the unique needs and challenges of communities like Fountain Valley. This expert knowledge allows Security Base Group to implement security solutions unique to the Fountain Valley community.

Additionally, Security Base Group security guards employ the most advanced technology and techniques in their services, providing the proven technical know-how that criminals cannot surpass. Similar locations have already employed security patrol services, and seen the results — a safer community with enhanced economic activity and increased neighborly camaraderie.

The Effects of Neighborhood Security 

Security Base Group’s security professionals are friendly and effective when it comes to deterring crime, but most people do not realize that crime deterrence is just one of the many amazing effects that private security can provide to a community. Compassionate professionals patrolling the neighborhood offer a resource for children and teens who might not know what to do in an emergency situation.

Our guards work closely with local law enforcement and act as a valuable resource for those unable or unwilling to look after themselves, ensuring their safety. The intangible impact of Security Base Group’s security services is also profound. Studies have shown that areas where people feel safe experience economic growth, better test scores, and a quality of life several points higher than unsecured communities.

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