Bellflower Has a Crime Problem; Security Base Group Can Help

Bellflower has a crime problem. A full 17 percent of its residents live below the poverty line, with the average household income clocking in at below $40,000. The recent economic instability has not helped, as stable, full time employment has become harder and harder to come by for unskilled youths looking to start their careers.

Adding to Bellflower’s crime epidemic is the presence of street gangs, who focus their efforts on recruiting youth and peddling drugs to the residents. Long term solutions to these deeply systemic criminal structures are not easy to come by, but Security Base Group’s security services offer protection for businesses and residents, and employment for locals looking to find a rewarding career.

Security Base Group Offers Armed and Unarmed Guards in Bellflower

Security Base Group is dedicated to creating communities where people can live and work in peace. Focused on the professionalism of its employees and the quality of the service they provide, Security Base Group’s guards are equipped to deal with every situation.

Our armed guard services can create a powerful deterrent for armed robbers who know it’s not worth it to risk their life for a register of cash, while our patrol services can work with local law enforcement to stop gangbangers and thugs from encroaching upon safe neighborhoods.

The effects of security professionals, both armed and unarmed, on local crime is well studied. Uniformed figures of authority can deter criminals and keep the streets safe for law abiding citizens, which spurs growth in the economy, to the benefit of all.

Security Base Group Hires Locally

Security Base Group hires locally, and our recruitment officers make every effort to staff the areas we serve with security professionals who can use their local knowledge to better protect their own communities.

This has two major effects. First, our staff is more effective than regional competitors, and second, our efforts to hire within the community give people gainful employment with opportunity for growth and advancement. That takes young men and women off the streets, and gives them the training and professional experience they need to escape the criminal lifestyle and carve out a better future for the community they love.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to protect yourself from armed robberies, or a home owner looking to place security professionals outside your home while you’re on vacation, Security Base Group provides a variety of services and levels of protection for all your security needs.

Click here to rent security guards, or give us a call at 213-444-1555 for more permanent arrangements.