Arcadia Secured Once More by Security Base Group!

Arcadia, an upper middle class community in the San Gabriel Valley, is famous for its preppy culture, the Santa Anita Race Track, and for the strong sense of community it cultivates among its citizens. Between the large events that the town regularly hosts, the packed shopping districts, and frequent growth and construction, Arcadia citizens know the value of the private security services Security Base Group provides.

Business Security Spurs Economic Activity

Between its many specialty stores, high profile retailers, and the infamous racetrack, it’s not hard to see why business owners are investing in private security services. Studies have shown that a single unarmed guard can substantially reduce shoplifting, and that shoppers who feel safe in a given location are more likely to stay longer and spend more money. Security Base Group has spent the past five years defending businesses, both as long term providers of protection, and by providing security for special events, and are ready to tailor a security solution to the unique needs and challenges of your business community.

Whether you’re trying to protect your art displays from careless customers, curtail shoplifting, or simply watch the parking lot for vehicle theft and hit and run accidents, Security Base Group has the experience and knowledge necessary to meet and exceed your needs.

Residential communities also benefit from our services. Our senior wellness checks give families peace of mind, knowing that their elderly loved ones are being checked on regularly, while our neighborhood patrol options cut down on crime in a community by reporting suspicious individuals to community leaders or the police. Security Base Group is proud to provide residential security to Arcadia, and welcomes any additional opportunity to serve this amazing community.

Security Base Group Is Ready to Serve Arcadia Today!

Security Base Group is the fastest way to order security guards nationwide. The moment you place your order, our sales team sets to work arranging and dispatching security professionals to your door. Thank to our streamlined process, we can have a team of guards at your door in as little as two hours from time of ordering.

To rent security guards, click here, or call 213-444-1555. We cannot wait to serve the Arcadia community.