Who We Are

Security Base Group, Inc. serves a mission, and the mission is to serve our clients with affordable, elite, respectful and well-trained security professionals, 24 hours a day. Our security guard services exceed client expectations and ensure a sense of security that you want and expect.

At Security Base Group, Inc., we understand that the current process of hiring security guard services is needlessly complicated, at times, it is deceptive. Many security guard companies will promise more than they can deliver, and can never give a straight price. That’s where our first objective comes to play. To make the process of ordering security guard services as simple as ordering a pizza. We’ve developed an online platform in order to empower our clients to review all the information and order at their convenience.

We’ve implemented in-depth federal level background checks and verification processes to ensure our guards are highly trained, high-quality, with many of our security staff coming from a military or law enforcement background.

Many of our guards are former military & law enforcement